Ice swimming in Iceland (Reykjavik)

When you go travel you start to think about things you miss or don´t miss from back home and usually it´s easy to replace these things. Like a good cup of coffee, you´re favorite food or even you´re favorite smell…but when it´s swimming in the 2°deegrees ocean and you´re in Vietnam it get´s a bit trickier. The closest thing you can get to it is the cold shower in the morning.

So sea swimming in Iceland – what´s that all about?

If you drive 5 minutes away from downtown Reykjavik you will find this beautiful man mate beach with a little lagoon in the middle. When you get closer to it you will find a hot tub filled with people, all ages, wearing neophrene socks and gloves, chatting about the day and sippin on some water or coffee with a big big smile on their faces and red happy cheeks. This is the best and most relaxed place in Reykjavik even though the sport you´re doing is pretty extreme. So this is winter time – it´s another story when you will go there during the summer. Than you will find a packed beach with people soaking on the sun, swimming in the lagoon and even some beach ball players!

But I want to tell you more about see swimming in this winter wonderland.

It´s more than just the sport , the company in the hot tub is so nice and you can sit there and listen to people chat about how there day has been to even philosophical meanings of life! Than you can always jump back in for the second dive if you´re in the mood for it 🙂 During winter time they also have some nice events going on such as literture readings and Gong play meditation for example.


Here you can see the lagoon ( the hot tub is behind me) and the Gong that is sometimes played there 🙂

So it´s extreme, it´s fun but is it really good for you?


The benefits of gett

ing into the freezing cold ocean and into the hot water again gets your blood pumping so you´re intare body system get´s to their work out for the day!

It boosts your immune system and gives it some practice when entering the cold water!

It´s a fast way to get magnesium to your bloodstream which is always good for you!

And of course the natural high…:) that even stays with you through out the rest of your day and I promise it will make come back for more!

Even though the 27°sea here is well appriciated now I can not wait to get back home for some cold ocean dip and swim and a nice hot tub chat with my friends afterwards 🙂 but until then…cold shower!


Also where you go in , you can see the ice there 🙂 (my mom on the picture)

Bestu kveðjur!

Inga Margrét Jónsdóttir
-It is what it is…
-It is what we make of it…
-It is what we create…
-It is what we choose it to be.

Guest post author and a photographer for all photos in this post is INGA MARGRET .


Author of this article is : Inga Margret

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