Hidden paradise : Nabaoy river in Catiklan / Boracay

Sometimes when you are in Boracay for few days , weeks or months you feel like getting away from crows and finding quiete and calm place ..Well i have a perfect spot for you …
This is paradise corner thats located about 30 minutes away from jetty port Catiklan ..

—-So first step is to cross from Boracay to Catiklan ( 25 peso – if you have boracay id card, with out it its about 200 peso – because of terminal fees and enviromental fees )..

—-From there take a trike to river ( Just ask trike driver River / Naba resort ” nabaoy ” and he will know .Price for a trike should be about 150 peso for a trike


—-In 30 minutes approx. you would reach the river in the middle of forest .. Its called resort , but its a river with little wooden houses around in area .. Thats all there is , BUT ITS ENOUGH.. So not sure why is it called a resort ..

When you reach the place , there is NO entrance fee or anything like that , just go by the river , find a free table and chill .. Bring your own food or alcohol if you want . If you are not prepared, then just order some in the first house by the river , they will just make what ever they have and they have beer and soft drinks for sale there ..

If you head up on the side of the river you will find a big tree that you can climb on and jump , from there You can find paths going further and further up the river ..

Next to the tree there is a little house with tables and chairs free to use .. And behing is another house with karaoke machines in it !! .. They have the biggest karaoke song colection have ever seen, with relly awesome filipino and english language songs .


There is no one bothering you or trying to sell stuff. You can swim around and have drinks all day long .

At the end of the day just ask for people in one of the houses to get you a trike back ..There is always someone who is happy to bring you to Catiklan jetty post . Take a ferry back to Boracay !!

Lovely afternoon away in the forest by the river!

Ps.- Watch you feet , if your not used to it , might get some stones in your feet ..




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