Find out all about best scuba diving in Boracay. (Boracay dive sites)

For all of those who are diving all around and wondering what its like in Boracay – here is the top list of the dive sites and marine life with some incredible photos !! …..
The majority of beautifull dives are boat based .

There are about 20 dive sites around Boracay Island and many more in surrounding Islands .I think that the best known site is Yapak on the north end of the island.

Yapak is a wall starting at 30 metres and divers reach it on an exciting free drop after a negative entry.

Currents along the wall attract the bigger fish and sightings of white tip reef sharks. Boracay is blessed with crystal clear waters all around her dazzling white sand and rocky coastline. Reefs are mostly gentle slopes and shallow coral gardens but on the northern and southern ends you will encounter steep drop-off`s and vertical walls alive with an amazing variety of reef inhabitants and pelagic hunters.
Boracay is a great place for beginners and for advanced divers as well ! There is always something to see !

Top dive sites in Boracay :

Crocodile Island ( Depth : 5-22 m ) Certification : everyone , but the best after few dives under the belt already )

Very healthy sloping coral reef with plenty of both soft and hard corals. A massive variety of macro life with different types of Nudibranch, anemones and the full range of fish life simply covering the area. Dive sites are full of Lionfish, Angelfish, Butterflyfish, Boxfish, Scorpionfish, Sweetlips, Pipefish, eels and even sea snakes sometimes .

On some of the fan corals can see little Pigmy seahorses and groupers hiding in cracks of the rocky slope .

Dive site is next to famous Crocodile Island (Shape of a crocodile ) . Its a great spot for snorkelling too .Even from shallow depths its possible to spot amazing variety of fish down below !


CAMIA WRECK( Depth – 25-31m) Certification level : Advanced , but have option for open water diver to see it too , just aks – would need bit training !

The wreck of a cargo ship purposely sunk on 8 January 2001, has become overgrown and inhabited with a large variety of marine life. On the sand at 29m, garden eels and ribbon eels can be found, as well as pygmy seahorses and ghost pipe-fish a short way from the wreck on the coral bed.

The wreck itself, sitting in an upright position and intact, is home to lionfish, snapper, grouper, boxfish, batfish and many others.

The engine room is often filled with copper sweepers, while the masts are covered in interesting macro life.Its a lovely dive site . Very easy site with very little or no current at all .

Every time i see Camia – im amazed – its so much to see in the dive site ! And wreck is really big , all covered with corals and large variety of sea life . You can swim one time around it an you deco. limits are finished

Friday`s rock : (Depth: 12 – 18m) Certification : Everyone can go !

A large rock rising from 18m to about 10m. Plentiful marine life can be found on the rock itself, on the sandy areas and patch reefs surrounding it- There is an artificial reef next to the rock – that some fish , shrimps and eels live in .

Other top of the rock where spectacular fish displays can be witnessed with large snappers and groupers , schools of surgeonfish, angelfish and a huge number of Triggerfish, lionfish and scorpionfish are also common to the reef. And check the cracks of the rock and outer reefs, where octopus and mantis shrimp with crazy eyes can be found.

Remember Mantis shrimp is very fast so move slowly when spotted .

Yapak : (Depth: starts at 32m ); Certification : Advanced and higher – for experienced divers

An exhilarating deep drift dive on a rising tide, with the opportunity to see the larger marine life of Boracay. After a negative entry, descend down towards the wall and enjoy red-tooth triggerfish swirl around you.

The wall begins just below 30m and drops off sharply, and the whole area is full with fish, including grey reef and white tip sharks. Jacks, tuna, snapper, sweetlips, triggerfish and barracuda swim around on the edge of the wall in the current. Sharks can sometimes be found sleeping in the crack on the wall .

Yapak is one of the top sites in Boracay . Starting from the time you drop down until reach surface , you can see lots and lots of marine life around .

Tribird (Depth:22 – 30m) Certification :Advanced , but also open water diver could see it with a bit of training .

The Tribird is a 21 meter long 3-engine airplane with a 25 meter wing span and passenger capacity of 36 that was sunk on 1st March 2012. The wreck sits up-side-down with the nose on the deeper part of the gentle slope. Beyond the wreck, the reef drops off as a steep wall with the possibility of larger marine life coming up from the deep.

For those who want to take a look inside.Plane is Russian Yak-40 passenger jet . And you can always peak inside trough the open doors . Sometimes can see morey eels under the wings of the plane and lionfish hiding in wings of the plane . There are not so much coral grown over yet .

it is unusual experience to be able to see plane underwater – and maybe take a second to imagine it flying !

White beach at night (Depth: 1 – 6m) Night dive experience needed , but Open water diver can also go with bit of training!

This shallow shore dive can be spectacular at night. Even before arriving at the reef, there can be spotted lots of crabs and eels t. On the patch reef, there are a huge variety of shrimp.

Octopus and even seahorses can be found in this area. Cuttlefish and baby squid often swim by and their colours shimmer with the torch light. Lionfish may be seen hunting and parrotfish sleep in their night-time bubble. Also enjoy the luminescent ‘fireworks’ by putting your torch to your chest and swishing the water with your hand.

Plankton looks incredible at these times .Fairy dust underwater !

Balinghai (Depth: 10 – 25m) Certification : Everyone

Reef starts at around 12m with anemones and morays, then dropping off to a wall down to 18m. At the base of the wall there are beautiful patches of coral and an artificial reef which is now well inhabited with fish and critters. Interesting hard coral ‘tree’ formations and barrel sponges alongside the reef balls make for a fascinating landscape.

Snapper, lionfish and even the clown triggerfish can be seen . Sometimes even Ribon eels are spotted

Angol point (Depth: 6 – 20m) Certification : Everyone

A shallow site excellent for beginners, and a relaxing dive for the more experienced and for photographers. There are several big coral heads rising up from the reef, with plenty of fish and interesting macro finds.

Swarms of anthias and damsels, butterflyfish, lionfish, blue ribbon eels, morays and nudibranchs can all be found. And around 9 m depth there are 2 big rocks that you can swim around and explore .A little part of artificial reef can be found at around 16 m

Coral garden (Depth : 2-12 m ) Certification : Everyone – amazing site for beginners !

This dive site is right off the main beach and usually has calm and clear conditions. Very favourite snorkelling spot .Site has many anemones, where you can see the beautiful ’Nemo’ clownfish as well as crabs and shrimps.

Coral garden is incredible and unique with its massive amount of corals . In depth around 5 m you can not even concentrate your eyes as its so much colours and life around . Many times banned pipefish been spotted too .

Sometimes if you just don`t feel like moving , you can stop in a sandy path and butterflyfish and batfish going around – they all expect food (This dive site is a popular fish feeding site )


Laguna de Boracay (Depth 3-20 m ) Certification : Everyone .

This dive site is highly recommended for both the expert divers and newbies. It has a depth of 5 meters to 20 meters and this is located at the eastern part of the island of Boracay.

Different groups of fish and sea animals abound such as the sea squirts, feather stars, lionfish, anemones, clams, and butterflyfish. Corals, with a soft or hard texture, line the large diving area.

There are many other dive sites , but this is the top !Have a great diving in Boracay ! And don`t forget to leave your comment about your experience !



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