Disaster dentist experience in Boracay

So i had some tooth problems recently . My tooth was killing me . After 3 days of suffering i decided to visit dental office in Boracay . I do not want to put anyone down , so all i will say is that this office is located in the main areas of Boracay and dentist is a female .

Any ways , i visited this office with mad pain in my teeth and almost tiers . Afraid , i was waiting for dentist at reception . She had free time , so she looked at my teeth .

Within few seconds she said ..: ” You need to get your root canal done “

I started asking questions , she explained some info and prescribed me a medications . Some antibacterial tablets (3 times a day ) and anti-inflammatory (1 tablet -once a day ). She said i need to drink them until pain will be gone .No actual pain killers .
I started taking a medication . It started to get better in few days .. and within 7days it was good . No more pain , so i decided that i need second opinion about my tooth and get it fixed .

On Wednesday morning i went back to dentist office to do cleaning and talk about root canal . She was busy , was just waiting for customer !
So i walked back home , but on the way decided to drop by to other dental office , just to see if they can do cleaning . So i walked in , met a dentist (male ) . I thought that he was nice , friendly and not pushy . So we agreed on cleaning , for 650 peso . Good price.
Then he started cleaning and i mentioned this root canal situation , so he would not heart me accidentally , as it still was sensitive a bit .

He looked at my teeth and told me that there is absolutely no need to do root canal, and to determine need for this operation , a dentist needs to do x-ray to see how deep is the damage . He did a filling and cleaning for my teeth .And before i left explained procedures for root canal and consequences ,

I still can not believe that other dentist office said that i need this surgery . Madness . I could have damaged my teeth ..

Hope everyone can learn form my experience and be care-full with medical services abroad , double check with more than one professional .

By the way Root canal surgery is very expensive , so clearly that`s the reason , for this suggestion . So glad she was busy when i came back for cleaning and 2nd check up .
Im not saying she is a bad doctor , but it makes me question -services provided .



Since i wrote this post i have learned that both dentists were bad and did not knew what to do . 5 months after my dental worki had some very bad pain in tooth and when i went to the dentist in Ireand they explained to me that the person who fixed my tooth last did not clean properly tooth before putting filling . So bcause of that my tooth kept getting worse while i thought its great : Result 600 Euro worth root canal . Only because  cheap dentist in Boracay did not clean it properly .


“Thanks” to Boracay dentits.


And seems that first dentist was right i do need root canal ..IN NEAR FUTURE .  She must have read my future while i was the chair …




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