Day trip to Crystal cove and Magic island 9Cliff jumping) in Boracay.

So a week ago i went to the
-magic island

-crystal cove

-snorkelling by the crocodile island

-and riding a trike’s in Boracay Island


It was a lovely day . We booked a boat trip for 2200 peso- for 3 hours all boat . Boat was private so only 4 people on it + guide (free of charge ) and the crew – 2 people .We got this little blue boat and were ready to enjoy ….

First stop : Magic island .. Magic island is an alternative to the Ariels point that does cliff jumping , here its better and cheaper .

+ Only 20 min away
+ the same jumping possibilities as in the Ariels point .
+ Great life guard on the site
This was a great place , we arrived and we seen only 5 other customers jumping there , few others were swimming around and some had their own drinks with them and had a party (tables free to use next to the jumping area) .

There are 4 different height to jump from – 5 m , 8m , 10m, 15 m.

I tried 5 m- thats enough for me !Some brave-ones tried to jump from 15 m – And thats really high , if you ask me . One guy jumped down and drifted under the rocks for a second adn life guard was swimming to him and pulled him out . No injuries or anything , but… Have to be carrefull
While everyone was jumping i had a chat with locals about jumping and found out that there are many people coming there , some crazy jumpers and some breaking their necks (near it – to be correct )
But over all its very popular .

From there we drove around the island to the other side . Crystal cove was the place ! This is a privately owned island . they offer swimming in a cave

little shell museum (with strange art peaces with naked lady ) and to see / feed birds . Some come for all day and chill there , some just visit to snorkel . Many people are saying that if you bring your own food – they will cook it , but im not sure about this to be honest .

We had no food with us . But i seen bar in ther e, so i think you can buy food on the island , so no need to bring any with you .

And we had no chance to snorkel in caves (2 cave son island ) because it was low tie + rough weather )

From there we drove to the crocodile island . Guide got some bread for us to feed fish .

It was awesome . so many little fishes swimming around us .

And then back for the sunrise . Great few hours .

Over all i liked it and i don`t really think you need a guide . Its easy to find all the stuff , there are signs everywhere , just tell the driver of a boat where you want to go , but there are signs everywhere . ( More photos from Magic Island from fellow travellers) (More photos from Crystal cove from fellow travellers )






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