Cheap local place to eat in Boracay. (Station 1)

Ever tried local Filipino food in Boracay ? .. I mean a real Filipino dishes that are a normal part of local residents daily routine . The place where trike drivers have breakfast , local divers grab a quick lunch , or a hotel receptionist would meet up with his family .

If you haven`t yet , no worries !

There is this lovely local eatery located in station 1 – just 3 min away from the beach .. First time i discovered it , because I was ordering a sandwiches next door in a bakery (Our deli bread ) .I walked in and looked at food choices trough the glass – I ordered a soup , hoping it would help my cold . They put some vegetables and meat in a bowl and then poured a soup over it …


This a not a fancy restaurant ! it a little place with plastic chairs , brown wooden tables , Tv in the corner showing Filipino tv shows and a carvery stand in front .Stand holds lots of different dishes . Every day its different food . Some dishes are constant , some change . All the dishes are hot in about 8 Am and then they get cold , but they always have hot plain rice and soup . They offer free hot and cold water .

Prices are Approximate ( food change every day )
Soup with vegetables – 40 Peso
Fried rice : 30 peso
Fried Vegetable mix : 40 Peso .
Over all prices are really cheap .

I like this little corner . Its cheap , good food , and always filled with locals having breakfast , lunch , or dinner in there .. Reputation of this place is very good . And the funny thing is , that tourists never stop there . Im surprised about it . As tourists pay about 400 peso minimum for a meal on white beach , and in here you can have nice / filling meal for about 80-100 peso and be full . Even can take free hot water and get instant coffee ( for just 8 peso )

Place is open about 7 AM and open until 6 PM or so .

SO looking for budget places to eat ? Here you have it !


Tables and shop united + kitchen window in the middle


I tried to make a little map . On top right corner is eatery marked .. Maybe this helps to find it ! :/


Happy table with tv ! Cartoons this morning . 🙂


Free hot and cold water and carvery !


Street . Eatery located on the right . In front main road , then accross main road 2 min and Jonah`s on the left !


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