Charlies steakhouse in Boracay

In July 2014 i seen a construction going on in Station 1 in front of Elementary school .Building was covered with plastic and workers were all over it ..

Then in End of August /Start of September this construction was finished and Charlies Steakhouse & Diner opened .Big change from renovation site . It looked posh ! Outside was clean and filled with tables and chairs . And inside….

First time i visited this place i was impressed . I instantly forgot i`m in Boracay (The feeling that is needed from time to time ). It felt like, i`m hanging out in a local bar somewhere in Europe (Maybe England or Ireland ) . Its walls are filled with photos of Rock legends and replicas of their guitars . Wall panels , floors and chairs are all n beautiful dark wood . Place is clean and organized and help-full and not pushy staff is great !

This place is non-smoking inside , but have smoking area in front of the building , with tables.So you can remember good old days when you would have a pint and then would go for a smoke with few from the crowd .

Every week they offer a open mic night , where you can sing with the band.Band will play your song and even give you a back – up singers !

We all ordered salads, burgers and appetizers . Food took some time , but when it arrived it was worth the wait ! Portions were big and delicious ! Place was quiet , but we loved it . No pushy , crazy tourist around .


Then about 9 pm band started . The energy from them was stunning . Its a must see show . Band is called (Charlie`s band ). ( I counted 6 people playing an instrument or singing … Or both .) The best was the lead singer with blonde hair . She is just a mad person and would dance and sing . She definitely gave a rock-star worthy performance . Even got one of our shy friends to perform with her .


Charlies Steakhouse & diner :
Opened 2014 September .Fine dining experience that offers Angus beef steak ,ribs , burgers ,pastas and much more…

They offer live music every night and great selection of wines and beer

Location : CHARLIE’S is located at the ground floor of YCL HOTEL BORACAY, just a stone’s throw away from D’Mall, across the street from the BALABAG Elementary school. With a huge guitar in its façade, it is easily visible from any direction.With a enormous guitar hanging from the front.

Opening hours : 8AM – 3PM (Then break for 3 hours ) Back 6PM – 2.30 AM (Last drinks at 2 AM )

See more info about Charlie`s steakhouse & diner / upcoming events in



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