Bloop – (Male- 45 )


Years ago i was a dive guide and i had this very strange group of divers once . It started like a regular dive day with 5 man and 1 female diving . We all got ready on the boat . These guys all had fun and they laughed a lot . But nothing out of ordinary …


We arrived in blue lagoon and got ready to back flip in the water . As soon it was time to jump … whoop and first guy took of his underwear … Then second , third … and so on …

I looked around confused not knowing where to lock my eyes at …

Well …We all started diving , until one of the guys pulled my fin , in order to get my attention .
He signalled big OK and showed sign to sit down in the sand ..
We all made a circle and was wondering whats the plan for this ..
I think this is the moment that no dive guide will ever see coming … 5 guys started to masturbate .. Just like that .. I don’t know if it was the nitrogen on the brain or female in bikini in swimming around them , or me as the most handsome dive guide they ever seen …

But they seemed to enjoy themselves a lot !!!

Female feeling super awkward stayed far behind . And me the same ..

After while we resumed dive and started out safety stop and 5 m for 3 minutes .

One of the guy took other ones underwear from pocket of jacket .

So at the end of the dive we all sat on the boat .. Confused if i should say something about dive i just kept quiet
So did the rest of the group , except one of the guys who was constantly wondering where is his underwear ..

Talk about unique things to see underwater … Smiles and giggle on this dive boat and under it !!!





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