This is how i got to see my first whale shark in Donsol

And after my mad morning , it was there .. Just in front of the boat a giant shadow … Butanding / Whale shark was …

At 2.30 am there was a damn mouse in my Alexandra guest house room .. Wtf . Really ? . I packed all my shit up and switched on fan , hoping it will not come back because of the noisy fan .

My alarm rang at 7 am .. Looks like my little new friends with big ears did not come back .Or maybe he just walked over me very quietly , anyways I was too tired to stay up to wait for it .

    I arrived at Donsol tourist center in7.30AM as the reception asked me to , one day before .

And it was full of people . Chaos everywhere , no sense of who is going first ..

I stood at the counter for few minutes . I pushed my money in direction to receptionist (she had all my paperwork from the day before , when i went out but didnt see whale sharks , so i was hoping she would try to sent me out as soon as possible ) .

She did not take money , she just ignored me . Just madness .Then a guy next to me asked for Finns and I walked out for second to show him counter , when I walked in – my spot on the boat was already taken by other person and

reception looked at me and said :

“all the boats are gone , you will need to wait for more people to come” .

I was angry at this point , are you joking or what , I waited yesterday for 4 hours and you want me to wait today . What’s wrong with you .

After my night adventures with mouse friend I was not in a mood to wait
I got really angry , because I was on time , but still had no place on the boat ..

Angry I was eating my snickers by the door and waited ..

After 1 hour wait : Andy ,from local dive show approached me and said that I could join on the boat for whale sharks , but there are only 4 people -plus me . So 5 in total ..We all agreed to pay for 6st person .


I paid 585 fee 1/6 of the 3500 and then another 117 peso on top as in the place for the 6st person . ( 585 /5)

And I got on the boat ..At last , I started to smile again .Sky looked blue again and sunshine warm again ..

“Butanding … Butanding “I heard from boat crew …

And yes we found it .. Within 5 min in the journey it was there .. Huge , spot full and slow whale shark .. Amazing .. I could not believe how big it was .

But the crowds .. That’s what you shod be scared of .. About 30 people were trying to swim next to it and take a snap with their selfie sticks .. Madness .

Everyone pushing and pulling each other ..I just took the lead in front and kept going .. After 10 minutes of swimming someone run into its nose and whale shark got pissed and disappeared fast down in deep water ..

We got back. On the boat …
“There is another one , or the same one .. “

I jumped in and within seconds it was gone in to the deep again .. Every one stopped … Except me . I just kept following small shadow until it swam up again and this time it was only me and a whale shark .. Everyone else lost a track of it ..
Amazing .. My moment ….

After 2 minutes of silence , new an

   And then I had my last go .. d mad Finn splashes were back .. Another mad group of snorkel was trying to catch up with me .
It was gone again ..



It was 3 times seeing a whale shark, and one of those times was on my own .. Size about 10 m long .. Stunning .
After a magic whale shark experience collected my stuff from Alexa’s place and went on to meet my New Caledonian friends . They took a a video of me swimming with whale sharkss .

I went to collect the video at ” Abuja home stay house “where they were staying ..
Got a beer and went together around Donsol market .. Got some vegetables and went back to the beach where the tourist center is .This was my place to stay , some friend near tourist center offered and accommodation to me , so happily I accepted .


And to return a favor I decided to make some food for these awesome people who gave me a place to stay .Cooked on the fireplace , open fire outside !!!


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