Typhoon in Boracay (Hagupit / Ruby )


LOcals in Boracay happily pose for the Camera before the Typhoon Hagupit / Ruby in December 7 . 2014 . They are preparing sand bags . Photo taken at 12 noon . About 8 hours before Typhoon


Typhoon Hagupit / Ruby might stop many things , but not the windsurfers .. They are still out and about in this super windy day ! One of them was in the water when i passed , ready to shoot .. Boracay : December 7 , 2014 .


Sand bags in the station 2 , Boracay white beach – Typhoon , Hagupit ..


Boracay world famous kite surfers beach before typhoon Hagupit . Not much going on .. Photo taken at 1 pm


Some tourist passing by the beach with their luggage just before typhoon Hagupit / Ruby in december 2014 . White beach – Station 1


Ariels point bar wrapped up and ready for Typhoon Hagupit power


SO much debris on the Bulabog beach – Boracay . In december 7 .2014 at 13.00 pm


Exit bar in Boracay , Station 2 : ready to face Typhoon , Hagupit / Ruby .


LOcals still bring in last boats , jetskis and other water transportation . Just to be safe , as we hear that this might be a big one .. #typhoon #hagupit #landfall #ruby


Fun is not all gone .. Some just enjoy their daily life ( as Philippines are famous about it ) . Before typhoon Hagupit / Ruby in december 2014 ( Boracay island ) White beach


POlice in Boracay is watching out for tourists .. Checking that everything is ok !!!Be ready for Typhoon Hagupit / Ruby in Boracay . Latest updated : LIve


Guillys Island closed and the rest of party areas … Preparation for Typhoon Hagupit / Ruby in Boracay 2014 december .


Stuck in Boracay ? Dont worry shopping is still open , as you can see these 2 ladies are enjoying it .. Typhoon Hagupit / Ruby is coming at about 8 pm in december 7 – 2014


Im really not sure whats going on in here , but im guessing that these Asian tourist wanted to have a photo with the palm tree branch .. WHy not .. What ever makes You happy ! Before Typhoon Hagupit / Ruby .


Did you say that beach is too crowded .. Hmm .. No problem there anymore ! Typhoon Hagupit / Ruby in Boracay 2014December


Bulabog beach in December 7 ( 2014 ) just before Typhoon Hagupit / Ruby . Bulabog beach full of debris of the winds braking everything .. Little bit of the rain


Club Paraw closed for the storm in Boracay


LOcals filling bags with the sand for the protection of the properties . Typhoon Hagupit / Ruby



Protect the property any way you can for Typhoon Hagupit / Ruby


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