Manila public transport

Finding a damn bus for Legazpi from Manila was not an easy task ..Using MRT ( with another 500 people ) + getting lost in Manila and at last find the bus to the Legazpi ( near Donsol ) …And also…

To start , I was heading for Pasay city bus station , but when I arrived .. There were no buses to Legazpi .. Hmm , guys at bus said that philcaltro bus terminal is near and they offer a bus to Legazpi .. But question was : Where is this philcantro bus services ?

Then I went to tourism booking office and found out that there is MRT(/train ) to Cubao bus station and that bus is from there.

Went to me MRT and .. Wow .. Never seen anything like it .. You are in line , get ticket for 28 peso and then in the line with about another 400 people .. Then line splits into 2 . Male and female . From the you would wait for a train . With another 200 females next to you squeezing you .. Well that was an experience ..

Funny thing is : I have taken this traing befor e, but never in rush hour .

I started talking to a lady while waiting , and she said she was doing this Monday to Friday all the time , because it takes 15 min by MRT to get home , but jeepney takes about an hour for the same distance …

After 20 minutes of waiting .. Success .. Got a spot in a train( Andf it was not easy to get it , lots of pushing and sqeezing ..) .. Started talking to a local lady Ann who’s been gone for 5 years from Manila and is opening her own business back here now :”just can’t imagine myself waking o every morning and going to work so early in this crazy traffic ” She said , while smiling ..
She loked hopefull and excited …Best of luck to her !

I arrived at my station .Holding my bag at the front I walk pushing myself thought the crowds .. At last .. I could see the bus station and ..And again , that’s not the bus station I need ..Locals said I need something called Philcantro bus ( The same one people talked about – before )and after a while i found it across the street ..They said that they have a bus only to Naga at 8 pm .. It’s about 100 km away from Legazpi , so not working for me .

I feel like at this point I already started having nervous breakdown .Few people started messaging me to check igf im ok .. My response :Fucked up . lost … ( YOu know who you are ! )

And then .. I met security guard who made a weird looking drawing with direction ..

He knew exactly what I’m looking for .
At last . 8. 15 and I arrived to terminal and saw a sign that said Legazpi ..
Found 2 options .( I used bus company DBLT. co. and they have bus terminals in Pasay city ( 10 min from Manila airport ) or in Cubao .

Option 1 : Bus foR 850 peso with about 50 normal seats
Option 2 : . Bus for 1100 and bus have only 25 seats and cr( Comfort room ) inside ..

My choice was option 2 .

Now it’s 22.57 and for the last 30 minutes I have been thinking how damn thirst I am ..( Why i did not buy more water … )

Plan is :
Option 1. Ask old lady sitting near me to drink ( She have 2 huge bottles of water just next to me )..
Option 2: ask driver to stop and buy drinks .
Option 3 :Be patient , this driver should get tired sooner or later and stop ..
I will try to go for 3 , but you dont hear from me .. well.. maybe i died from thirst ..

Peace out , non thirsty people !

All material copyright : Parrotfish Journey Travel Blog !


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