Interview with Ang Dagsa (Tribal musicians/drummers in Boracay)

#1 What is the Tribal band “Dagsa” ?

We are a group of local people from local tribes in different parts of Philippines, that have united and created a band that plays traditional tribal music .

#2 What does word “Dagsa” mean ?

“Dagsa” means Drift wood .
We find it on the beach- a wood that have drifted and pick it up , then we create the art from it , like a traditional peace of flute or jewelry .
Even all the broken peace’s are transformed in to the art .We do not buy wood , we use Dagsa


Madz with a friend who is fixing his dreads .

#3 How many people are in the group ?

In total we are 11 people in the group / Tribal band called “Dagsa “.

Group members are J-K , Papa-Jugine , Marlon , Bany , Jondy , Volter , Mel -Mel , Lui , Madz , Erel and Marvin .

Papa-Jugine is our father for the group .

#4 Where do the group members come from ?

Erel is only one originally from Boracay island . Rest of the group is from different parts of the Philippines – mostly Mindanao .
We are from tribes like Manubu , Maranau , Ta la Aandig , Mandaja and others .
We are from the south …
From the promise land …
Thats the way we call it ..

#5 How did it all start ?

It all started with with jamming . Papa – Jugine was already playing for some time with friends . For about 2 years before meeting the rest of the group .

“Then one night in 2011 Papa-Jugine , Bany and Madz met in the bar by surprise and we connected instantly ..Connection started ..
We were “Boyfriend “.. Relationships .
For some time we were playing at congas just for fun .. to promote bar in a sunset .. and at full moon parties ..

We had only drums at the start … Jugine was singing and in the process he , Madz and Bany realized that something missing ..
… We need guitar , so we invited Brothers Lui and Mel- Mel to join …”
So we were 5 members at this time .. Other 6 members joined over time . They all already lived in Boracay and already played music ..Our paths just crossed and magic happened .
One of these people was Jondy. He always seen us playing on the front beach. He would wonder if he could join , but didn`t say anything , because he was so shy . Later on they met any-ways and it all worked out .

It was meant to be …


#6 What is the music and lyrics ?

” Lyrics are about reality …Believing in your higher self and consiousness … “
Music is created with energy .. We all have energy and we share it when playing .. Then when we all come together we create a incredible sound ..
Music is in the moment and unique every time .
We always look for people tat focuses on one instrument .. Don`t be jealous to others who play other instrument .. Embrace YOUR gift …

#7 Where do we get the instruments ?


We make all the instruments and jeweler ourselves .

#8 What instruments do you use ?

We use :

Flute : We find on the beach a wood that have driffed and pick it , then we create the flute from it .
Papa- Jugine , Marlon , Bany and Lui knows how to play Traditional Flute
Jem- Bey ( Jim – Biy Traditional Drums ): These drums are from wood , goats skin , cows skin and some plastic materials .It takes about 1 month to create a traditional drums .
Many of the band members knows how to play drums .

Koglong ( 2 String guitar ): This is a traditional guitar of Philippines.This guitar was created in Philippine and have tradition of playing it have been passed down the generations .

We use this guitar to play music in the tribe and share the Love .
Only Papa- Jugine and Lui knows how to play this guitar .
Kubing : Is a bamboo sticks that are played with a mouth . Dont eat them …
With these we ” Cort the girl ” in a tribe :Its like saying to the girl that we want to be in a relationship with her .
Many tribes still use this method for admitting their true feelings .

#9 Do you sell any of the instruments ?

Yes we do .
We make all the instruments ourselves and we sell drums for 20000 Peso (Approximate price , depends of the artwork ).
This is not a mass production . Each peace is completely unique .There are no 2 peaces the same .
It takes about a month to create one Jey – Bey!
We also offer a small travel souvenirs (Small size Jem-Bey and Jewellery ) .

All we earn , we share between us and give it to our families ! We don`t need much , just the basics .We live simple life .

#10 Where can i hear and see you next ?

in Congas Bar ( Starts at 8pm )
There is no entrance fees just buy drums ( Highly recommended ) and beer and don`t fight.
Share the love …share island life ..

#11 Any future plans ?

None – We live in the moment .. No proper goal , Because if your in a goal , concentrate too much on the wrong things . Enjoy you life now !


#12 Do you have any records ?

Yes we have recorded 5 songs , and have a CD . Usually we have it with us when we play in Congas or other places .

#13 Where does the inspiration come from?

We just start to do Jamming and the Papa- Jugine starts singing . The he goes in some kind of mind state and can create a master peace , by accessing your higher self . ( They all make is sound so simple )


#14 How many songs do you have so far ?

We play exactly in moment .. So its completely unique every time .. and all the songs are the same consciousness .. So its similar , if that makes sense .

#15 How can i meet you all and hear your music ?


By visiting out Facebook page .. Or dropping by to Congas bar at station 3 .
Just come by and share the love !


Message from the Tribal Band – Donga !

1. Share the knowledge … But if you share the heart you will have a good feeling … “
2.Stop thinking very far about the future .. That s impossible to become a reality .. Realize the present .
3.Share your knowledge , but not for abuse ..
4.When you travel you have a lot of adventures , sadness , happiness and adventure .. You have to appreciate it all …Its all worth it .

I met them on the path between Diniwid and White beach , they were jamming with their full range of instruments and selling their own made jewellery to tourists passing by .Its was only a fraction from the group there and a fraction of their story , that i have recorded .

I sat on the ground in front of Madz and pulled out my laptop.. He was sitting on the rocks and the whole conversation time his friends was fixing his dreads .. With full smile on his face and green shades on – he kept telling me stories ..

Papa- Jugine arrived bit later .. He was skinny , the same as all of them .He was smiling and looked so incredibly happy . His black hair was in a little pony-tale and eyes full of .. Sparkle ! (That`s what i would call it) !

He sat in front of the Jewellery and pulled a new bunch of stones out of the pockets. He looked excited to create something from these peace’s

By the end of the evening they all started jamming and created a beat ..
When sun went down they all packed up and said we all said our goodbyes .

Sadly i did not get to meet the whole group yet , but soon .
Thank you guys !
And im sorry for any mistakes in Spelling or names , Please comment and i will correct them !


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