Boracay locals and their “out of the box” jobs

Boracay beach is MORE than just a sand and a water .. It has its own life and heartbeat created by local people spending most of their time there … Either people who sell things , cook delicious delights or those who just do skimboarding …

I took a walk on the Boracay beach and had a chat with the locals . Those who`s living is upto the sales in that day !!

Hats sellers : They have 2 different styles of hats for sale .Prices on the beach are 200 peso . These guys would walk around for hours and try to sell stuff to the rich (expected to be rich ) tourists .

Sunglasses : Lots of different ones , but average price is 200 peso. They are not polarized or even close to it , but they do the job .


Cellphone waterproof plastic covers : 100 peso only . All the Asian tourist seem to love them . Matching t-shirts and cellphone covers are in style now .


Usually these guys ( sellers ) are pretty pushy and if you ask something to one , in few minutes you will end up with 10 of them around you trying to sell you stuff.


Selfie sticks : 500 peso (they say it’s a good price , lol) .these latest trend have gone mad and everyone have one and those who don’t , will get one in Boracay .

Wooden carvings : these are really beautiful . It takes 2-4 days to create one authentic peace . And they sell it only for 600 peso (average price) .. It’s 10 euro for 3days work .


Balut :man walking around with a brown box bag on the shoulder and yellowish crackers in arm sell Balut . Balut prices are 20 peso per piece approx .
Wonder whats Balut ?? Its a local tradition food . Its a 18 days old chicken egg ( With baby chicken inside ) boiled.

Pack of Crackers : is 10 peso

Henna tattoo: Depends of the size of the henna .

Hair braiding : ??? dont know prices

Steamed peanuts : they sell these in completely random locations . A man have a big dish like tray attached to the bicycle front and they move around all the time and sell them . Little bag of warm peanuts are only 10 peso . They taste incredible . A Must try in Boracay .

Local ice cream on the bike :I had a chance to try it once and I must say that it’s incredible . They give you few little scoops and charge 5 peso for a scoop -usually . Just look for a bike around . Normally in front of school !

Fish balls : Little stands all around Boracay . They sell fish balls , Squid balls and other snacks . Fish balls are 1 peso each .there is a place behind Patio Pacific ( between hotel and beach in little path ) . Squid balls are 4 peso each .

Burgers and BBQ meat : these stands are everywhere . Prices for BBQ meat are approx 15 peso per stick . Ad they offer you a sauce to take with . They also make burgers with only meat and tomato sauce in them for 30 peso each.

When you walk around Boracay , you will always hear people saying
: “Mam ,…, buy , buy … “


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