Top 7 fun activities in Donsol

Number 7 : See whale sharks . / sightseeing in Donsol .

Only place to see them in Donsol town is in Donsol tourist center . There you pay one time registration fee of 300 peso (valid for 5 days )
And then split ….
The price 3500peso between the amount of people there are . For example , if it’s low season , you might not have enough people to go with so you might end up paying 3500 on your own , + 300 peso registration fee .
Or in busy season you could have full boat ( 6 people ) and can split price between 6 + each pay registration fee .

So make sure you arrive early for this one . 7 am is the best time , everyone then arrives so they put people together in groups of 6 and then it’s cheaper (585+300) .


Number 6: Watch Fire -flies on the sides of Ubod river in Donsol .

There is a location for it , just on the side of the bridge that’s on the way to the whale shark tours .
Prices are 1250 for the boat ( the same system as with whale shark watching( Split boat price between all people on the boat ) , just this time no registration fee )
Maximum can be 5 people on the boat and price is divided by amount of people . So if your alone , you will have to wait for the group .
People are arriving at 6 pm for the tour , and I recommend not to take camera , just enjoy it .. It’s pitch black anyways so you can’t see anything in camera .

They started this tour only few years ago .

Number 5. Diving .

3 dives in one day trip -. 6000 per person included everything .
2 dives in one day trip is 4500 per person no lunch included .

1 hour to first dive site – drive and 2nd and 3d dive site is another 45 min away.

The best dive site is manta bowl and San Miguel . In manta bowl you can see mantas of course , sometime whale sharks , sometime thresher sharks and black tip sharks and school of tunas . So that’s a pretty awesome site .
Have to book day before . But they still take The last bookings until 9 am in morning .

Would recommend
( newly opened DIve shop by locals in area , who have traveled the world and learned a lot about diving )

Number 4: Baker tour : planting rice , learn to make local delicacy food : backyard tour .

Minimum 4 people is 500 per person including food for lunch and all the stuff you would use is included and food you make is for you to eat too . And riding with carabao ( looks like a bull ) is included .That must be fun !! ..

Number 3 : island hopping

San Miguel island . It’s a boat ride 1 hour going to island . It’s a all day trip .you can see waterfalls , and can snorkel . Price is 7000 peso max of 10 people ,so 1000 each approx.

San Rafael island , snorkeling is 500 per person .

And when I say snorkeling , I mean proper stunning snorkeling

Number 2 : Fishing . Is 2000 peso for the trip

. Max of 3 people . Ride in to the wild marine life and see what’s out there .


Number 1: discover a view point (not a rel view pointit’s a house up the hill

I found while passing by ) . The reason to discover it – you can see whale sharks swimming for the hill .. I was not lucky , but maybe you would be !!!
Locals said they see some every day. And much bigger than boat in size , swimming just next to it !!!

There are so many more , but I will let you to discover yourself .. If you find some awesome stuff , leave a comment , sure other would appreciate info for tenor travels


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