Open Air cinema in Boracay “Once upon a time”

Boracay have so many activities to offer , but this one I want to talk about is special and fresh !!!

Recently a Belgium man ( Jerson samson )teamed up with locals and decided to open up a open air cinema . This place is open since December 4 .

They have a cinema area with pillows on the maths and big projector . In Cinema there is a roof , in case of a rain . It’s nice to chill and watch a movie . It costs 150 peso for cinema ticket and includes a free drink of choice between beer , soft drink.

They have a bar counter and intimate seating areas all around the place . Couples would love this place . Plus .. This soon will be an art gallery too where you can purchase art work . Some artists (like : Quentin musset )have already placed their artwork around the place . Like painted and decorated lanterns !!!

Movie watching experience , over all interesting !!! pillows were soft and comfortable , projector did its job , maybe it was a bit noisy with occasional tricycle sounds , when they pass by on the main road , , but you hear movie and it does have subtitles . When I was there it was quiet , only few people .. But I think it will get busier .. Anyways .. I had a good time .. And u ?




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