12 photos under water in Boracay


 Everyone celebrates Christmas in their own way . Some like to have quality time underwater .. Why not !!! This stunning christmas photo was taken in December 2014 . Taken at Angol Point : Boracay !


Of course a beautifull swimm by the Camia Shipwreck .. Its huge , by the way !!! Happy Bubbles !!


This must be my second favorite !! Cant believe that photographer took this photo !! Snake in the front looks amazing ..


This blue wonder was taked in december 2014 !!


Still Christmas !! By the way its not easy to wear hats underwater , they float away all the time !!!


Anomene fishes 🙂 ( NEMo`s )


A taste of whats out there !!


Ha ha ha .. Expression is priceless .. Such a funny photo !


on the way out from Camia Shipwreck engine room !!


Camia engine room !! If you ever been down there , you will get it .. Its like , titanic all over again ! Rust and fishes in between .. This alone would be a reason to start diving !!


My favourite .. Inside Tribird plane wreck in Boracay ! Who knew that its so colorful inside ( As you dont see colors in full underwater , unless you have flashlight ) Love it !!!




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