Using “Willers Express” s bus services today for the route Tokyo – Fukushima – Yamagata .

Where is “Willers Express” bus stop in Tokyo ?:


In website of Willers Express there is some complicated way to find station . I found easier one and faster with less walking involved . So you take a metro Eono Line to station called Tochomae .Then you take west exit there and you are at the door of building where is bus terminal . Building is called Shinjuku Sumitomo BLDG. You walk straight in and..

will a shop on the left , corridor in front and corridor on right going in the middle of building -That`s the one you want to take . When start walking on this corridor you will see escalator at the end of it . Go up and on the right side is Willers Express station . Check in area .Walk in there and you will see screens on the right with all departing buses .


    If you booked on-line , there is no need to check in , they check your name at bus before boarding .

Near waiting area there is bathrooms downstairs , smoking area just outside the door and shop on other side of building .

And if you have some extra time i recommend to take a elevator to the floor nr 52 . There is a restaurant , that was closed when i was there , but view is amazing anyways ! No one asked me anything or told me to go away , so i guess every one can do it . Im sure- i am not first !

Then back in waiting room . 15 minutes before departure – move to departure room (opposite of waiting room ) Then you will here destination name and then follow the crowd outside building and bus is just up the stairs . Stand in line and they will check you name on list . Leave big bags under the bus and small one in seating area with you .Be sure to sin in your seat , everyone follows these steps .

In bus seats are a bit small for western people , but can fit . There is blankets free to use on the shelf on top of the seat and plastic bag in case you get sck and electric socket , so you can charge laptop or anything else you need .

Then you are ready to . After 2 hours of driving ad not really sleeping ( bit uncomfortable for sleeping )bus will stop for 20 minutes . Can go to free toilet (Nice and clean ) and run to shop or have smoke .

You can enjoy long way by watching outside window which is very interesting , country side in Japan is beautiful .

Over all i like Willers express  http://willerexpress.com/en/ . Its cheap and goes from point A to point B , so i like it a lot .
Dont forget to get pillow for your bus ride and Japan guide !


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