What is Buddhism ? This is what i have learned so far

So recently i have been visiting many places , but one that stayed in my mind is Local So To Zen.

Area was incredible .. In front rice fields , on right huge trees (Pine trees ) on other side burial and small temple and behind a forest .. Wow .. Walking from distance it looks impressive !Temples itself were closed ( Or i could not find an entrance , that`s what local said to me after ) .

I did not see inside , but outside was impressive enough. No one .. No tourist most important (just one -me ) .Peace and silence . This is the kind of place where you can practise Zen .

After this visit to temple i decided to ask around questions about Buddhism , so here is what i found out …

  • Buddhism does not have a book like bible it have chants .Chants are written on few pages and that`s all .Chants are in different Language .
  • Buddhism believes that everyone will reborn and always suffer , it does n`t matter as what you reborn . We all get old and sick and die ,and only way out is to follow monk ways . Then reborn cycle can be broken .
  • Buddhism don`t have specific days to come to temple and don`t have to stay specific hours , you come when you feel like it and go when feel like it.

  • Buddhism is quiet . When you come to meditate ” So To Zen ” , everyone is silence , no need to socialize. Its place to enjoy absolute peace .

  • All the temples are made of wood
  • Buddhism suggest to not wear expensive clothes to temple , just wear something comfortable .

  • Buddhism believes that there is 808 gods .

  • Buddhism do not advertise itself , people are drawn to it ..
  • Buddhism meditations means separation between body and mind . So if its mastered , its said that those people can avoid pain , but just leaving body and staying with mind .
  • I think i like Buddhism …


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