Vietnamese sleeper bus review (Trip from Nha trang to Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City )


Sleeper buses in Vietnam seem to be a very popular choice , but is it really ?

My bus was at 7.30 pm from Nha Trang . I arrived at 7.20 pm and checked in . Ticked price was 176 000 vnd ,that’s about 7 euro . At ” check in ” they gave me a  bottle of water and wet wipes ( I had some on my own as well for runny nose and stuff) .My seat was small , but I must say – comfortable .I can’t stretch fully , but its OK ( My height is about 1,75 cm ).

Driver gave me a yellow plastic bag to put my shoes in,a blanket and another bottle of water .And I’m on my way …

So let me tell you how it feels :
Its strange , its full of Vietnamese people that are listening to the music that is loud , sharp to the ears , driver keeps chatting with another guy who seems to work for the company , although unclear what is his job .The music they are playing ,kinda sounds like an Japanese Geisha music ,But some is by male singer.

After 15 minutes of driving ,driver picks up a first passenger . A skinny man that have only one backpack with him . Seems like he’s used to the sleeper buses . In no time he’s on his back and sound a sleep .

After 1,5 hour on the road Sleeper bus stopped and drivers friend ( guy who seem to work for the Sing Tourist buses ) shouted out loud “10 minutes break for toilet ” in English . Stop was at gas station with few other Sleeper buses , there was a tiny shop as well .Just now I realized that there is no bathroom on the bus . Surprise !!!

And by the way …ITS SILENT ! “Geisha – like ” music have stopped ( at 9 PM)

  Its 11:55 pm . I’m up again .. I tried sleeping ,but no luck … I have eaten a half of my candy stock . Outside window can see beautiful view with stars . There are no houses in this area ,so sky is dark.

The same driver is still driving ,he was chatting over headphones with someone for a while .But he’s still driving the same speed and its still quiet ..And i m thinking about bathroom . I still haven’t touched water that I got ,because I’m afraid that I will need to stop the bus .

Time 3:07 Am . Officially bored . I already watched documentary about Killer whales – Orcas and Aquariums that keep them in Us and Spain in 70s . And about their trainers , who perform with Orcas …Anyway …Bus .. still here ,still bored , still listening to flume (Drop the game )…


   3:58 Am I’m woken by a strong sound of rain, loud enough ,to hear trough headphones … Its a mad storm out there right now .

   4.45 Am – Arrival in Ho Chi Minh City ,District 1 .


Much earlier than I expected .

Over all – good experience and would use again if need .

How was your experience ? Share in comments !


There are only about 10 people on the bus in total . Although capacity of it is 46 passengers .Driver drives about 60 km an hour ,that is a descend speed ,at least bus is not shaking on the sharp corners .


2 thoughts on “Vietnamese sleeper bus review (Trip from Nha trang to Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City )

  1. I took tons of sleeper busses in Asia! And hated every single one of them hahaha. I could never get comfortable! My poor boyfriend who is 6 feet tall could not even fit in the seat, so at least I was better off than him I suppose! I took the same one as you from Nha Trang to Saigon, recognize that water bottle haha. Enjoy the rest of your travels!

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