Travel Narita Airport to Manila Airport

Today  was a funny morning . I put my alarm on 6 am .. Of course i did not wake up .. F*** i thought to myself .. i need to get out of this bed .. Futon to be exact …It was so soft and warm .. and outside rain sound in Tokyo streets did not help my laziness…

By 7:30 i was ready to leave house (my amazing host /home-stay house )I said goodbye , gave her a hug and walked ..
Now the interesting part started . did you knew that there is this sobu line from Kinshicho   to Narita airport- Amazing isn`t it … But  did you knew that it takes more than an hour .. I did not …So  My already shorter “airport time” got shorter and shorter . I Ran to the airport like a mad person
I was at airport still nice and early .. Got to the check in and … Turns out they want a ticket away from Philippines straight – even before you enter the country  .. I had about 1 hour left before flight , so just there ,at the counter i purchased my tickets online on my laptop   away from Philippines to Kuala Lampur .. Sounds lovely as next possible destination (The reason i say POSSIBLE is that i have no idea where i wanna go .. Did i mention – I think i have  ADD – attention disorder(Google it ) , so plans don`t really exist in my world .. )he day ! I have changed my location again . From Japan to Philippines . I used flight Narita – Manila this morning  !


Anyway`s back to the damn counter , purchased ticket and they let me go to my flight – On customs out of Japan everything is very easy and organized . Flight was about 4 hours and 20 minutes  long , and all the time i watched movies ( squeezed in 2 : Maleficent and A million ways to die in the wild west … (Omg this movie is amazing .. i laughed all the way trough the flight … )
Arrived in Manila and Rain … Whaaat .. Sunny Philippines in rain . no no no .. i though .. 
Went to immigration and got stamp in my passport and then headed to the customs , i had some dried seaweed For wrapping rice ), but turns out you don`t have to declare it – as its dried and packed already .
And there i was in Manila airport .. Arrived !! Great feeling … Got first hot chocolate and a snack and just chilled .. Lovely ! Now on the way to new home !

Parrotfish Journey on the move !


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