Stunning Ballet in Latvian city – Jekabpils

From 4:30 PM crowds started to arrive . Mostly ladies in their 50s with lots of make- up and fancy dresses . Some of them had their grandkids with them and they tried to get them exited about this Ballet ( which, I though , was a pretty amazing play offered for this little town called Jekabpils ).

It was an event! Event to see play or just for gathering , not so much about the play itself .All the ladies had perfect opportunity for catching up and gossiping about all those ” enemies” they haven’t seen so long .

This one lady in her 80s stood out .With her short sleeve brown dress and big black plastic flower attached to her dressed . Her hair looked like Adele’ s . All the family was around her And you could excitement in her eyes .. Family reunion , thats what this was for her .

It was 8 minutes to 5 PM . So close and I still haven’t heard from Ruta. ( She work in the cultural center ) .
Ruta said that if I arrive and wait , I might be able to sneak in when play starts if some poor fellow have missed this event, and because of that seat is empty .

A family with 2 little girls walked up to the counter , to leave their coats . Oldest daughter was all dressed as for the first of September for school .She sat next to me , glinced over to my phone , as imaging her iPad that she left home ..Her mom pulled out pair of white shoes for her to change . And they were gone .

2 minutes to go and tall lady holding bunch of pages came closer to me .She handed me a ticket and I burst out in a huge smile..I got it .


I was like winning in a lottery that I will share with old people , and Latino Ballet !! Perfect !

Room was newly renovated , with soft , blue velvet chairs .It smelled fresh and you could hear people chatted from all around the place .To ladies were sitting behind me with children .And couple in their 60s next to me ..

A man stepped on a stage and introduced himself and the dance crew . He said that this is National Latvian Ballet crew .

First part is called : Tango Plus

Play choreograph : Mauricio Wainrot ( Argentina )

Music : Astor Piazzolla

Dancers : Elza Leimane Martinova , Baiba Kokina , Juka Miake – sokolova , Jolanta Lubeja , Raimonds Martinovs , Arturs Sokolovs , Viktors Seiko , Antons Freimans and others .

This play allows travel all around the world ..l They say No one else can show better Tango than Argentinian .

Lights went dark and soft dark blue curtains were pulled away .Light went on and 8 young men ,wearing blue ,started dancing .Music was something from fairy tales .

It lasted 45 minutes . Light and bell woke us all up from the ballet dream .It was break time .Crowds of people were coming trough the doors , like never ending school of ants .

I had a smoke and hot chocolate from the vending machine for 45 cents

Second part was about to start .I walked up to the first row of seats , in the first part I noticed empty seat .Photographer was right next to me so we had a small talk and lights went out again .

I had the best seat in the house (Thanks Ruta )

Choreograph : Petra Zuska( Chech Republic )
Music : Cezar Punji , Kamila Sensansa

Dancers : Viktorija Jansone , Arturs Sokolovs , Ringolds Zigis , Pavels Bartuls , Andris Pudans .

4 ladies wearing puffy dresses walked out with her ballerina like movements . The all moved together so perfectly .With clean hairstyle , red lips and white flowery dresses they almost looked magic .They introduced play called ” Marijas Sapnis ” ( Dream of Maria ) . Inspiratin for this play comes from classical ” Pas de quatre ” ( in 19 century for 4 best balerinas ) These 4 ladies was a taste of the famous play so viewers would understand more aout making of ” Marijas Sapnis .

This Play was much more relaxed and comedic version of the same 4 ladies , just this time 4 men And 1 woman .



I thought it was clever and exciting way to show Ballet lay started with 4 men dressed in suits , sitting on the bench , then a ballerina passing by in white ( as a swan ).Then 4 men turned up wearing dresses and joking with each other .And lady , she appeared in suit .

     I really enjoyed it and even laughed loudly few times .

After 30 minutes it was over ( you could see all dancers sweating all they got ) .

At one stage dancer turned his head sideways and you could see sweat drops fly away .More than one drop .
I walked away happy . I once more looked back at the stage and pictured in my mind all of them once more .


My first real ballet experience and not the last ..



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