Rent a scooter in Nha Trang to visit “Monkey Island ” and Bo Ho waterfalls.

When i was in Vietnam i decided i want to try riding scooter in streets of Vietnam , Nha Trang  !

Idea was good-so few other people decided to join me! .
First day went great . I got smooth scooter from local laundry shop. Price was 100.000 vnd for 1 day rent . There was very little fuel already inside scooter so i had to fill some up on the way – prices for fuel is around 25.000 per litre or something like that.

Then next day i decided to try trip alone ! So i got up at 12 noon (bad timing- i know .) ) and rented scooter from the same lady again .

This time i said that im going bit more far so i need good scooter ..

She gave me different one than last time . I started driving south from Nha Trang . After 20 km i met 2 Swedish guys on side of road , admiring view from top of mountain . I offered them to join me , but they had different plans .
So i kept going alone . After 25 km i found little harbour (easy to recognize, its decorated and surrounded by tour buses ) .


There they offer different boat trips . I choose one to “monkey island ” . Price was 70.000 vnd and it took around 10 minutes to get there . There was no hidden fees to be on island .

I spend around 2 hours on island . There was wild monkeys running around , dog races , circus , diving options , restaurants … Lots to do .. Fully enough for 2 hours . Maybe not more .

Than i got back and on the way i asked few people for directions to BA HO waterfalls .. It was 7km away . So i continued driving .after 7km there was sign : ” BA HO – Tourist ” (tourist- as sign for tourists ) . Then after 1 km there was turn again and then 2 km on very bumpy road and at last i the reached river .

There i left scooter and paid entrance fee and to leave scooter ( all together 15.000 vnd ) . Then from there is walking option only . After around 600 m there was little path way on side of main one . So i went to discover it : there i found 5 Vietnamese cooking mussels on fire . They invited me to taste some of the masterpieces they already cooked and i was on to continue my journey .

Time was around 4 :30 pm already so i had to hurry up before dark . I kept walking and found path way crossing river .


All way from there was marked with red signs of directions . Before starting this way i stopped and had soup from local ladies cooking just by river on fire places . Soup was amazing and only 20.000 vnd .While eating soup i saw few passers from waterfalls . Then i went myself . I did not went all the way up(Its a really damn long walk ), i went almost to the top and decided to turn back ( it took around 20 minutes to go up there – so i did not want to walk back in dark trough forest , it was around 5:20 pm ).

Then i walked back to take my bike and on the way decided to check my scooter keys … And damn .. I did not had them … I got really stressed and worried .. What if ..i left them in a scooter , and old man took my scooter and sold it .. How i will get back …… no no no no …So i walked really fast back to parking and i was trying to see my scooter ..

And there it was.. and keys were left in the seat lock .. I was so relieved and could not believe that nobody noticed that keys are left in a scooter , or maybe people are so honest that n one wanted to take my scooter… ! From that moment on was driving back to NHa Trang feeling lucky .

I got back to Nha Trang around 7 pm and got dinner on way .

Over all my day out was great !! And lucky of course … And ” Monkey island ” is for sure nice place to go.. For family or alone .. Its still fun !! 🙂

PS.- Been in Nha Trang , “Monkey Island” or in Bo Ho waterfalls ? Leave a comment about your experience !!!


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