My experience in Vietnamese hospital in Nha Trang

To start i had a bad hot stone massage , then it turned in to a bad cough and then in a super bad flu .. Now i was determined to find out whats going on after 7 days of illness . ( Since i had massage ) .

Arrived to Hospital in afternoon after 3 pm .
Straight to the receptions that was empty ( no one else was waiting ) .
Straight paid fee of 118 000 vnd : about 4 Euro and went up to medical reception . There again no waiting and 2 nurses ready to help . One of them took my blood pressure and measured my pulse , gave me a peace of paper and sent me off to the main doctor ..

He was sitting in front of the computer . He was in his 60-ties or so and looked so calm . He talked to my friend in Vietnamese ( Doctors do speak English – but not so well , so my Vietnamese friend helped me out to translate )

After a conversation about symptoms and listening to my lungs he sent me off to give blood test .

I was prepared to wait for loonnnggg …But i was wrong .

Walked up to a little window , paid fee of 118 again for blood test and then to the next room with resit . There was and empty reception to a laboratory and free nurses to take my blood .. As soon as i sat in a chair i started to cry.

: Where is my “lollipop ” ? i asked after the blood sample was taken , still  crying .

5 minutes later nurse handed me  paper with lots of letters and numbers and said while pointing at it – “virus .. ”

Back visit to a doctor and he explained that i have virus in my blood and prescribed new medication to me .Nothing in detail .Whole time i seen him , he did not stand up , and about 60 % of time i was there – he kept typing something up and printing papers .

We walked downstairs to visit in-hospital pharmacy. I was already prepared to pay bunch of money , but 33000 vnd ( 1,5 Euro ) is all i got for 2 different type of medicine covering 3 days .

All this visit from start to end took about 30 minutes . Which is fast for a hospital visit . This hospital is incredibly organized and clean . And the best part is – no one is waiting .

Just everyone is really doing what their should do .  (Hospital website)

And about this virus.It took me 10 days to recover and almost a emergency flight home . Go the medication from hospital , but that was not nearly end of it .




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