Japanese metro experience

I got to spend few days in Tokyo and i had a great time .. I arrived to Tokyo by friends car and then…i had to use metro in Tokyo . Tokyo have an amazing metro system . I was staying in Ueno !I walked in one of the hotels to ask for directions and they gave me really nice guide for free with all the maps inside and hotspots . *** Tip for travellers – always first thing to do in Tokyo is to go to the local hotel and get one of the amazing maps .
I have started to use a notebook recently and have been drawing some strange stuff and writing things down so here is notes from ride Haneda airport to Ueno station ..: “Almost arrived , Haneda airport is super far away , first i took a wrong train -now on the right one ,but still see that its far…
S*** i feel so tired ,my eyes are falling a sleep as i write now -i need to……open my eyes ! Sleeping on a train !

On one of the days i decided go to the museum of science (which was incredible by the way – More in next post ).
Interesting time i had on the metro ..

Notes from notebook : ” Leaving for Mirakai .Very excited can`t wait to ..At the start run to the metro .Metro was half empty as usual .Kuramae stop now!

There is no foreign person in this metro .
Empty next to me and on opposite side of metro
in front of me is sitting young lady .She`s funny (kept giggling all the way ).She is sitting with her eyes closed and in right arm she holds pink notebook in front of her face .Looks like she fell a sleep while reading it , but forgot to put it down …
2 business man on the right side are talking about their new briefcases and a nerdy man on the left .He`s looking at his phone so close


.. Is he trying to go in it? He is wearing white shirt , black trousers and super thick glasses with black frames.
Morishita stop… Nerdy man left metro ,i think he is working around here …
Modern lady tok his place .She is with great make up and style .Wearing green sweater (radiant green ) and beige trousers with sky blue shoes .. Interesting colour combination , isn`t it ..?!


Train is getting empty …
Lady sitting in front of me with her pink notebook is still sleeping ..Ok, ok .. She is trying not to fall a sleep now , her eyes are half way open .. And shes constantly bending on one or other side ..Its like she cant sit straight …


She put down her notebook on her knees , i can see writing now …It`s a list (with english letters)
Time to leave metro .. Wonder if she woke up for her stop …
And it was interesting that one moment on a metro were 18 People – 8 of them used their phones , 1 read newspaper and one filled crosswords .. Hmm statistics in Tokyo !!!


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