Japanese floating lanterns (OBON festival)

While was staying in Murayama to volunteer i got a chance to visit OBON festival ( More about it in my next post) , i got to see lanterns.

At the end of the day after we head to family home where we had some raw tuna .

(Never tried raw fish before ) .It was amazing , would never guess it was not cooked .And we had some Murayama traditional soup (with mushrooms , potatoes and lots of other stuff i have no idea what is it called )

From there we stopped for 5 min for lanterns , i thought they will be at the end of the Obon , but not ..

They were all painted by children with cartoon characters and had some little poems written on other side . At 6.20 they started to light them up .. Ah ..view was really something (Only cars driving pass were annoying with their light ) , but over all is worth to see and it was special , each lantern my individually and is unique . From the only thing to do was relax , so we drove to local Onsen in Murayama and chilled in there . All naked . Water was super hot .

Cool thing is that they give you free watermelon and tea in lounge and you can watch TV , while your waiting for opposite sex to get out of dressing rooms , as every is separate .

This was a cool day . I found out so much more about Japan . Best way to understand Japan is to live in Japan with Japanese !


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