Hitchhiking in Japanese country side on my own . 200 km each way in one day.

Recently i decided to hitch hike . I have hitch-hiked before , but never abroad , so this was a challenge for me.I am a blond female – European- Solo traveler !

i had a great time hitch hiking ! 4 cars and ~200 km . Day trip to Sakata . Next 3 holy mountains !

In morning i woke up nice and early , but could not pull myself together to start hitching .
Around 10 am it was time to make a move , went to the road and pulled my sign out (it said “Sakata ” in English and Japanese (friend wrote Japanese ) .

I stood for around 10 min ..and nothing , i could see Japanese people laughing and pointing fingers at me while driving past me , i already gave up and decided to walk for a bit and try again later , but suddenly car pulled up in front of me , It was a lady with 2 daughters . They let me sit in front seat , She was very nice and help-full . They were going to near village to Shinjo to eat beef .. Lots of it .

After 30 min drive i seen road sign before Shinjo city

.It was a fork with Shinjo on right and Sakata on Left (of course this was a perfect spot for me to continue hitching . ) , but not in ladies mind , she drove me in the city to the main center , she said she will find out where is the spot to hitch . i tried to convince her , but no luck, she wanted to help so badly , Finally after a “car tour ” around the city she asked taxi drivers and they directed her back to the same fork as before . so she drove back and dropped me off there , before i left car she gave a gift – an umbrella –

(Which i forgot in the temple in Sakata later on ) .

From there i had to walk a bit as it was a corner , i held sign in my right arm pointing to drivers but walked straight so drivers could see only my back .

I wasn’t really hitching at that stage , just walking around the corner , i was surprised when a white car pulled over .

Inside was male in his late 20 ties looking bit punk and listening to some rock like music , car was expensive , and he looked super chilled , i decided to jump in . This man spoke

nothing in English .. I mean zero , nul , none , nada … So we spoke by writing . I would draw my answer and he would understand and draw his ! I fould out that he is not married , no children or girlfriend . He is 29 hears old , works something with roofs and his car is year 2012 and spends only 2 L of fuel on 100 km ,its Toyota . The reason i know about car is that it had battery + fuel . I always wondered about it .

He typed in his GPS a temple i was going to and brought me straight there . I thanked him and left , It was a little bit awkward with language barrier, but it worked !

Then at 3PM i decided to hitchhike back .

Did not want to stay in the dark . From Sakata to good hitch hiking spot is a long distance , maybe like 3-5 km , i tried everywhere , but too much traffic .
First car i got was not going to Shinjo , just half was . I was a housewife with 1 year old baby . Her car was amazing , with sliding doors and TV inside (she was watching Japanese Michael Jackson (That`s what she calls him)

She gave cookies and drove me half way , from there i tried for a bit , but no luck , after a while a car stopped very far from me , i thought that its not for me, then i see girl walking my direction and waving ! They were family .Mom and 2 daughters (Looks like having 2 daughters in Japan is common ) .

They said they can drive me to Shinjo , but after longer talking turns out the were going ot Murayama . Exactly where i need to go ! I was on for the ride

But this hitch was different ,

They visited grandmas house like 20 away from Shinjo and took me with them , so funny and then drove me to the doorstep !

Amazing . It was so funny , they drove in forest , more and more and more and i already thought , could the serial killer be an adorable family with 2 daughter .. Then i see village in maintains .. Guess NOT – is my answer !
Mom was a dentist and daughters was a writer and bank work !



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