Circus show in Nha Trang

It took me about 50 minutes to walk from Nha Trang city center to the ” Place of the hour ” – Vietnam Circus . When i asked everyone i knew to join me , mostly i got a judgmental glance at me .

Why do i want to see animals being tortured ?
Answer : Avoiding the problem is not the solution . So i will visit this specific Circus and see for myself and then judge .
And then tell you all !

Show is suppose to start at 8 PM
Now its 7.10 PM . Stage entrance is just opening now and i seen first foreigners appear ( aside of me ) . Stage looks pretty big with about 400 or more seats in it. There are pink , yellow , white and super fluffy toys and pop corn sellers around .Local college and high-school kids are waiting outside already, in a mean time catching up on latest gossip between each other .

Circus loud speakers keep playing English music and from time to time interrupts it with some announcements in Vietnamese .

And one more thing – It smells here ( Guess shit from all the show animals ).
10 minutes later i bough ticket already . At least there is no cheating in prices . All the prices were clearly written on a board next to the ticket sales window .

Got mine for 150 000 vnd . Hoping for a good seat ! Maybe not too close to stage .Don t want to volunteer in games or something .
Got the seat sat down B86 ( My seat ) , but the fan was just like a tornado on my head, so i changed ,

It was getting very busy in a short time period . Lots and lots of Vietnamese people , few foreigners . Maybe there are more foreign supporters against animal cruelty than i thought , or maybe they just didn t know that circus is in town .

So circus went live
it about 8.20 or so . They started with acrobatic acts and dancing .Later on moved more in to the show with rope walking and some animal acts .
After first 10 minutes staff told me that im in a wrong seat ( and i was ) , but my seat was busy already , so i just climbed over to the front seat and sat in empty VIP area . why not , its empty anyways ? And sat in a second row of VIP .

In over all i think that show (human only acts )was great . All performers had lots of skills to show of . I really enjoyed it .

About animals . Well…I must say that they all looked clean and well taken care of , healthy . when they had dog act ( first animal act of the night ) i still thought that its ok , only jumping trough fire not the beat idea with hair covering their bodies .

But after when they got bears out .. That s where i just didn t enjoy show . They looked in pain with head peaces holding their mouths together . Of course those head peaces were super tight and if this 2 m bear would get to bite , it would be painful .

They also had monkeys with chains and giant snakes in small baskets . and some other animals .

Yea I agree with you all . Circus can be an animal cruelty . But now there are less and less circus travelling around .
I decided to leave in a middle of snake act . i could see hundreds of Vietnamese people loving the show .So i think that there wont be the end to the circus in Vietnam any time soon .

I walked out of circus and could still here kids laughing … For them this is a day out with mom and dad and there are happy to be in event like this . They do not know what is animal cruelty .. Not yet . And if no one will teach them , in years they will bring their kids to circus , to watch monkey driving bicycle while being chain to it .


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