Capsule hotel Kinschino (Cheap place to stay in Tokyo)

Staying in Capsule inn Kinschicho .(It was the cheapest place i could find in Tokyo ) Over all experience was great .

I was tired after my trip was very happy to find it fast . It has no proper signs outside , but its easy to find any-ways , just have a good look on the picture on-line and head to right street and will not miss it . Lost of bicycles outside and big silver pole on the corner of building .

They usually display customer name in welcome outside of building , so you can find yours . That`s how i realized its capsule in . I seen my name on board !

Inside they give you key for the locker and door to room .

So head to you capsule .

That`s not much to it , a bed in box , TV , clock and alarm and some other buttons on panel (No idea???!!)

Bed is nice and comply , much better than expected . And you have little curtain in front so feels like your own little cave .No one bothers you . And every one is quiet too .

There is bathroom and 5 sinks to use , free toothbrush .Nice and clean .
Downstairs is Rock sauna and shower with big bath , swimming pool like(Looks like onsen ), with very hot water . When you want to use wash-room you have to go to reception and give them dorm key and they will give you key for locker for wash-room facilities . Get the key , towels and kimono go down the stairs (Not elevator – stairs are next to reception desk on the right ) .

In wash-rooms there is a long corridor , First on right there is little tv , mirror room , then -rock sauna , then shower + bath ) .I normal Showers are good , bit strange , as there is place to sit down ! I will wear kimono on and go sleep in rock sauna .Then take everything off and her for shower .

There is free face cleansing gel at mirror , ear picks , moisture , shampoo and body gel .So you don`t need to bring your own . Its all very clean .I used bath once , but not a huge fan of it .


Then after wash-room visit , head back to reception and exchange keys for dorm and get back to your little cave !

There is Wi-Fi only at reception area . There is free cold and hot water (So can make instant noodles ) Near by are food stores and they have microwaves in store , just have to ask or point (They are located behind counter ) .Shop are open 24 hours .

Capsule INN Kinschicho was great , warm , quiet , calm experience . This is one of those places you want to stay in and hang out , because if feels so nice !



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