In Japan everyone uses Onsen .. Its in cities and forests .. But before you go to onsen its better to prepare know what`s its like and what to expect …So here is the list of suggestions and No NO NO`s to Japanese Onsen !

#1 Many of Onsen`s have Proper Onsen (spring water ) drinking water .

#2 When You are going to Onsen , take change only , Its a custom that Japanese people don`t like to carry lots of cash .

#3 After Onsen drink Coffee Milk.. (Local custom )

#4 Take 2 towels . One is big one for drying and other is a modesty towel to cover up or wash yourself with .Do not put modesty towel in bath .

#5 You must dry yourself before getting back to dressing room , so you dry yourself in shower room or doorway before entering dressing room .

#6 Don`t brush your teeth in Onsen .

#7 People with big tattoos are not allowed in Onsen . Big tattoos means Japanese Mafia . Small ones are fine

#8 Wash your body before taking a bath / Onsen .

#9 Take Onsen NAKED . Yep fully naked .

#10 Dont use swimming suits or any peace of clothing in Onsen .. So- Naked Just to confirm again !

#11 Dont take a bath /Onsen when drunk it could be dangerous if you wall a sleep or slip . (But i hear from few tourist that its fun , but would not recommend it )

#12 Dont swim in Onsen – Its a public space for everyone !

Have a great time in Onsen


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