Zakynthos / Zante / Laganas

2013 started for me with the another travelling experience . Zakynthos . I guess … First thought that is jumping in to the mind is : Party . Proper drinking feast outside of mammy`s or daddy`s eyes in the neighbourhood. To be fair – there is true about it .. Drinking truth can be discovered in Laganas!

But is that all that Zante (Zakynthos in Greece )has to offer ?

So what is there to see…

Lets start with very commercial activities.

Of course Ship wreck beach and Blue Caves are first things that everyone knows about Zante , and i agree Shipwreck beach is really something , but did you know- that you could drive to it and see it from the top and organize to jump from the top of it with parachute ? That`s something . Or if you take first boat in the morning then you can see it empty ..

Proper way to see ……….

And everyone needs a “Gastro” adventure while on the island . Stop stuffing yourself with those chips and burgers , you can eat them at home , here its time to try melted feta , moussaka , tzatziki sauce…. and Frappe . Frappe is … everything .. Flavor and taste and .. maybe that`s the love ..


Zakynthos can swipe you off your feel , important is to let it happen .. Be open to new things and stop drinking in the same boring club every night .. News flash for you – its not gonna change .. You will be drunk every day , have drunk sex and end up with same nasty sex disease and will go home with note from doctor , hangover and nasty sunburn after sleeping on the beach drunk ..

Live it , but in the exploring way .. Look at the places as if you would take a photo with you eyes(Not with your camera ) , eat food as if you would eat last time in your life ..


Zante / Zakynthos ship wreck

And stop with the camera … If you will take pictures all the time of every single object , only thing you will end up seeing will be your camera screen .. Im sure you have enough photos on Facebook

PS.- Rent a scooter + Invite random people with you + go randomly through island + get lost = most amazing experiences ( because at the end of the day there is not much place to get lost anyways )


All i am saying is : LIVE !

Laganas beach in super quiet Afternoon .

today .. But i am not telling you which ones .. That`s for you to find out , by talking to locals ! What a better way to make memorable trip , than to fall in love with Greek everything . Do some camping on to of the mountains , have a walk in to the forest .. have a celebrations in Greek style .
And now Blue caves .. So what is the proper way to see them ? Of course underwater with scuba tank in to the Caves that only few lucky ones have seen before ! Oh yes ! You can not even imagine how those and other caves look like at 25 m depth ! Little shrimps on the walls will amaze you ! What better way can be there ?

But that`s not all there is . Lets not forget that every place is full with history .. And Zante is not an exception And this one is with strong heart beat .. Earthquake 60 years ago(1953) . It destroyed most of the island. Only few little villages survived and are still standing still


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