Top 19 things to do in Cayman Islands

1. Stingray City sandbar

Price: Starting at 39 USD and up .

Play with friendly stingrays in waist deep water . Normally boats would bring you down from places by seven mile , Safehaven or even Rum point . Stingray sandbar is located is a shallow area between Rum point and seven mile . In old days fisherman used to clean their fishing lines in the area before coming in to the town to make sale . They saw shadows under the boat and talked about it in local bars . Local`s decided to investigate and discovered Cayman ray`s all around in shallow water (Only 4 feet deep in some places ).
Stingray city was born and since then its been signature activity in Cayman . They say that if you get stingray hickey -its 7 years of luck .
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Kittiwake Ship on the west wall in Cayman . Seven Mile Beach

2.Scuba diving

Price :Starting at 70 USD and up -not including gear (Full equipment around 35 UD Dollars a day )
Scuba diving is really amazing in Cayman Islands . Rich with corals , fish, sharks, turtles and rays all year around makes it a great place to learn diving or remember how to dive . Most of the dive sites are just few minutes away .
Diving is all around . West side (On Seven mile beach ) Northside (Near stingray city with higher chances to see white tip or black tip sharks ) south ( When weather is changing this area is good for diving ) and east end ( With loads of sharks )


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3. Kittiwate wreck tours

Price :Starting at 50 USD
The ex-USS Kittiwake is an Ex-US Navy Submarine Rescue Vessel. She was sunk on January 5th, 2011 in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands to create an artificial reef and shipwreck attraction for scuba divers and snorkelers to visit and enjoy. The attraction is operated by the Cayman Islands Tourism Association. Please use a licensed operator and all visitors are required to pay a user fee.
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Shoe tree in South sound

4 .Dolphin tours

Price : 100 USD for simplest tours
Unique experience to see dolphins close up and even touch them and swim with them . Tours last about 1 and ½ hour . They will tenderly say hello with their fins, kiss you, hug you, and sing for you. The Dolphin Swim Adventure also includes the famousbelly ride, where you will speed through the water as the dolphin swims backwards and pulls you along

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5. Turtle farm

Price : About 16 USD
Turtle farm is for those who always to hold turtle and see them close up . Great activity for little kids . Cayman Turtle Farm is a conservation facility and tourist attraction located in the West Bay district of the Cayman Islands. It is used for raising the endangered Green Sea Turtle. Established in 1968 by a group of American and British investors as “Mariculture Limited”, the farm was initially a facility used to raise the Green Sea Turtle for commercial purposes. By raising the turtle in a farming operation, the investors could raise turtle-meat for consumption without depleting the wild population of the species. Still in operation as a farm that breeds and raises turtles in order to sell product, the Cayman Turtle Farm has also become a research center and tourist attraction. Currently, the farm is a conservation project as well as the largest land-based attraction in the Cayman Islands. The turtle farm welcomes more than 500,000 visitors annually

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Cayman Spirits Co. Distillery

6. Crystal caves

Price : 30 USD
Newest activity in Cayman islands . Located in East end near old man`s bay . You will venture into amazing caves where you’ll see stalactite and stalagmite crystal structures and otherworldly formations, formed by single drops of water and the slow passage of time.
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7. Parasailing

Price : Price 100 USD starting price and more for doubles and triples .

Parasailing available on Seven mile beach when wind is not too strong . For a breathtaking bird’s eye view of Grand Cayman and the crystal clear waters of Seven Mile Beach Trips last 30-60 minutes, with approximately 10 minutes “flying time”. A 1,000ft line will winch you to heights of up to 500ft. Parasail rides are subject to maximum combined weight of 400lbs and a minimum weight of approximately 160lbs to 200lbs depending on weather conditions.


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8. Rum point Beach

Price : Free if your just chilling on the beach . Only costs are food and transportation and watersports if use any .
Point Beach offers changing rooms, showers, huts, hammocks, volleyball nets and more. Not to mention the shallow and clear waters of Rum Point Beach make it the ideal beach for swimming in the Caribbean and offers the finest of snorkeling . Rum Point is located in East End and takes about 1 ½ hour to drive from Seven mile to Rum Point .
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“Pure Art ” in Cayman

9.Starfish point

Price: free if travel on your own , i just walked down.
This could be combined on the same tour as Rum point . Take a drive to the northeastern tip of the bay on Grand Cayman to find an idyllic spot where a spit of sand stretches into the blue Caribbean, with shallow water all around that is a popular gathering place for pillow cushion sea stars. These plump starfish look like stuffed animals, though they are very much alive and grazing along the seafloor.


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10. Jet boots and Jetpack

Price : 80 USD and more . And its about 30 minutes flying up with Jet boots on the back of the Jetski .
Flying like a superman at last in Cayman . This water activity will get you going wild . Attached on the back of the jet ski it pushes you up with the water flow and lets you stay up the air .

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10. Cayman Spirits Co. Distillery

THis place offers tours for everyone and there is plenty of free alcohol included in the tour . Tourportion is very small , but entertaining . COUd be a fun afternoon out ,better even if ontinued with more drinks somewhere else .

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11. Visit “Pure art “

Price : Free
This place is truly magic and seems that only few know about it . All the art pieces are from local artists only . Its full with tiny corners filled with paintings , bracelets , painted cups , glasses , poscards and so much more .. You can just wonder around for a long long time .


LA CASA del Habano cigars in George Town , Cayman

12.Shoe tree

Price : FRee
This thee is just on the side of the road on Sounth sound road . Random shoes are attched to the trea .Originally started by Wolfgang Brocklebank and his fiance, Giovanna Inselmini. Tree was started to make a statement about litlering .
Overall its a fun looking tree .

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13.chess at camana bay

Price : FRee
Every Tuesdy at Camana Bay . LOcated outside indies wine bar its free to use for anyone whowish . Normally from 6-8 PM .


14.public beaches for day out

Price : FRee

A lazy da on the beach is always a great idea . Seven mile beach seems to be most popular , but there are many puclic beaches all around the Island .


15 Eat – LObster nights .

Prce : 40 CI and more

All around the IslaND THERE ARE OFERS on all you can eat lobster nights .



Price : Anything you want it to be .

Full moon parties and more . There is always somethng happening around the island
Caalico Jacks :
Coconut Joes :
Royal Pamls :
PD`s :
And there are so many more in Event calenday of Cayman Islands :

17 Mastic trail:

Price :24 CI

Its a walk trought the forest with lots of wildlife and interesting landscape . And believe not very busy attraction as most of the people never go to do it . Many dont even know that there are trails to treck in Cayman .


18. Visit skate park :

Price :2.50 CI on specials
Very own skate park in Cayman, of course .


19. LIttle Caayman and Cayman Brack .

Price : 0-a lot

Dont forget about sister islands near by anad ddaily flights from Grand Cayman .


PS.-List order  is completely random .


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