Savehaven Dock to Stingray city , to Rum Point , to Starfish Point in ONE day!

It`s only 7 AM and after last night i am not so eager to walk in the morning heat , but Rum Point tour sounds like fun . I step in and pull up my baby blue dress and get dark shades on . My tour is at 8 Am . Than k god for the Smoothie King on the way .
After waving down a friend on the road I managed to get in Safe-heaven dock on time . From the heat my hair is sticking to my shoulders and my glasses start to fog up . Hate this so much ..



I took it out of the water myself too , before i knew that it could die because of this . Sadly i didn`t know before i did this . Hopefully this little guy is still alive

In Safehaven dock is a Que in front of me . Everyone signing wavers and paying . My papers are already sorted and I just calmly step on the cats , but before I do Im waiting on D . She said shes on her way . I call her again and again and every time I reach her it seems that shes still stuck in the traffic at George town . I glance at the captain of the boat . He shakes his head . There is no way she can make it . We have to leave .


Beach before Starfish point . Private villas with empty beaches in Rum point

I lay down on the net in front of the catamaran and pull my dark blue towel on . Its not cold , but water is splashing on me .So I better cover up .
We arrive at Stingray city . So famous and so crowded sadly . About 150 people in the shallow water trying to take a picture with stingrays. Boats surrounding all of us .Water is clear , but not crystal clear . People are moving so much around it,  that its all sandy and little dirty almost . But I know its only sand .After an hour swim im crawling back on the boat. My hear dripping wet ,, sun burn building on my sholders and yesterday passing in my memory.


“ Oh where are you going ?time to go home already “ I lean towards a friend  and use my not so strong convincing power .. Oh im having so much fun .. Lights are flashing red and blue and white in the Cayman night club …

“Excuse “ I suddenly hear .. “ Excuse, me ! We have arrived in Rum Point “ I hear voice .Oh I realize I have been dreaming and my trip continues .



Rum Point looks relaxed and not so busy . I LIKE it already . I step of the boat and stumble across wooden dock closer to the island . I need a drink . I think to myself  . I reach bar and order mud slide and catch of the day . Total price of about 20 CI . I receive plastic plate with brown rice , salad , 2 pieces of fish ( Not sure what kind of fish ) and some sauce on side . Drink is in  a plastic cup filled with dark /creamy  looking drink with lovely taste while cold and fresh .I grab a seat outside on the tables and place my legs on the seat and stretch out . Fish tastes delicious full of juice and little crisp outside of it . Im done with my lunch and looking over the bay with empty mind . Where should I go next …

Oh Starfish Point . I ask around and turns out its not as near as I thought . Locals say its 30 minutes walk . That’s a bit of distance ,but sure I can make it . I grab my plastic cup and head down the road . After 5 minutes I give up and decide to hitchhike .I raise my hand at car filled with workers , but nothing . After I see someone bringing a speed boat on the back . Well that looks like a fun group to spent afternoon with . I raise my hand … But nothing . Last try . I think to myself . I raise my arm and lady in the dark blue car pulls up :
“Where are you going ?” she asks with warm smile
I smile back “ …to the starfish point .” I replay .
I step in the car and chat for few short minutes . She does not know where is the Starfish Point , so step out at the end of the road . I walk pass big gates of the house that’s actually called star-fish and hope beach is behind it . Turns out its not . But I can see it on the other side of lagoon .


Starfish point in Cayman , Rum Point

45 minutes of walking down this amazing beach is really something . Crystal clear water with famous starfish ( Orange Cushion Starfish ) hanging out , sea shells laying under my feet , sand so white .. I haven’t seen sand so white and clean for a while.And by clean i mean with no rubbish  and footsteps or anything  . I think every time when my feet touches sand .On other side private luxorious villas and no soul around . Where is everyone ? Are they tired of the beach ? I wonder while looking at empty villas with tiny docks in front of each of them , hammocks hanging between two palms , swimming pools and expensive watersport toys in front on the beach lounges . I keep walking and soon reach Starfish point . First thing I see is blue-ish sign with fun facts about starfish . I stop and read though out .Then I see trash on the ground .Old cups, bottles plastic bags and more . I can see that tourist have been here , sadly .

After seeing only 5 starfish on in the famous bay im amazed . What is so special about this place . I prefer 45 minute walk in front of villas ,where I saw more starfish before even getting here . Nah , time to move on .

I leave bay and start to make way back to the Rum Point . Grey car seems to move out of parking by Starfish point . Might be my lucky day . I start smiling and wave with my arm as they move closer to me . They pull over ! Its filled with 3 older travelers . They are in their 50 ties , but oh they have spirit for travelling . They lough as I tell them my day and pull over at Rum point . And seems that I have convinced them to stay at Rum Point and relax.


People lifting Starfish out of the water and sometimes can see stingrays passing by , like in this photo ( Sadly after that Starfish is very likely to die )

I have left my new friends and stretched out on the sunbed by the beach . I send D a selfie from the bay using free WiFi at Rum Point .
I see Catamaran crew passing by . They wave at me to come back to the boat . I take my shoes in the hand put my damp towel around my neck and walk down slowly . What a day , i think to myself…


What can you see in Starfish point ? More tourists than starfish .


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