Men “Walk a mile in her shoes ” in Cayman Islands

On a Thursday afternoon in Cayman islands ( Camana Bay ) was an event “WALK A MILE IN HER SHOES”-men put on woman high heels for the cause ..

To raise awareness of and stop rape, sexual assault ,gender violence and domestic violence .,build a community that does not tolerate domestic violence and sexual assault .


Domestic volence affects many of us and of course this will not make men to feel what woman feel every day , but for a little while men can try . THere are so many victims and its important to start somewhere . Raising awereness is a first step , and it was sure great to see many men stamp their heels in the middle of the Market Street in Camana Bay .

The Cayman Islands -Crisis Centre was hosting ‘Walk a mile in HER Shoes’ (international event ).All proceeds will directly benefit the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre.

Men payed the registration fee of $10KYD ($20KYD day of event) and then had to wear a pair of women’s high heels for the very short walk.The race, for individuals and teams (Male only), involved making five laps of Market Street, Camana Bay

Organized by the Crisis Centre’s Fundraising Committee, this will be the first time the event has been staged locally .
This year, the Miss Cayman Islands pageant made the Crisis Centre its platform charity, and several of the contestants have offered to be at the Walk in Her Shoes event to teach participants the art of walking in heels. She performed first walk and then let men take over . Of course men walk was slightly different from the one Miss Cayman presented .


According to Ania Milanaowska, the Crisis Centre’s executive director, “With an annual budget of over $650,000, we receive a $300,000 grant from the Cayman Islands government. However, to raise the outstanding $350,000 we rely heavily on sponsorship from corporations as well as private donors. Our fantastic fundraising committee is working tirelessly to make sure that the remaining funds are raised during different events throughout the year just to cover our operational costs.


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