Howth co Dublin . ( Day trips from Dublin can be amazing )

Howth is a magical corner that is located only 25 min away from Dublin city center ( Ireland)!

Its strange because there is always a good weather ,when i visit it ( Although is crap in the city center )

So Why people go to visit Howth ?

= Howth offers incredible seafood restaurants . All the sea food is fresh and by fresh i mean just taken out of the water and goes on top of the grill straight !

= There are random seals swimming around the harbor , big and fat ones . You can always ask in some seafood restaurants for some old fish to feed seals with .
Seals would wait for tourists for hours

= There is a dive shop at the end of the harbor path ! They sell gear and offers dive trips

And they always have a toy outside that looks like a skeleton dressed up to go diving ..
They even scare children with it , because inside skeleton is a radio and they talk thought it when kids go close to skeleton diver .
Always fun to watch kids jumping and running ..

= You can feel like a child again and feed birds ..

= They offer water sports in Howth like sailing , windsurf and others …

= They always have good hot chocolate and tables by the harbor path, where there is only pure and warm sunshine , but no wind ( If you ever been in Ireland , you will get it … The wind is everywhere and sunshine is precious )

= They have a crafts market on Sundays next to train station

= Train station is next to the harbor , no need to walk too far !

=They have a walking paths for tourists and maps available everywhere .( Paths are different lengths and the views are breathtaking )

And that is just a beginning !!!



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