Hitchhiking with bicycle from Stalida to Lasithi ( Psichro – DICTEON CAVE )

On a beautiful Saturday i decided to visit Dicteon cave thats located in Psichro, Lasithi . Getting there turned out to be unusual – involving hitch hiking with a bicycle , meeting interesting characters on the way , but the cave … The cave .. ALL WORTH IT .


First i discovered that there is NO bus from Heraklion to Psichro – Lasithi . Although it says that in Ktel website . So at 9 am i was sitting in Heraklion bus station and tried to figure out how to get there .Tourist office guy was really nice and we ended up chatting about possibilities to visit cave.

Solution . Take a bus to Stalida and from there hitchhike to the cave . But it sounds easier than done .

Bus price 3.50 .
Bus route : HERAKLION to STALIDA .And it last about 1 hour .

Next move … Rent a scooter .. ( bad news for me – NO driving license =NO scooter ) But bicycle is always available . Cost = 10 Euro for all day .

Distance from Stalida to Dictean Caves = approx 25 km .

I started in about 12 noon and arrived about 2.30 pm .
( pedaling , hitch hiking with bicycle , pedaling again … and so on until i arrived . On the way i hitch hiked 2 cars . One with a Greek man selling tents , Other a Greek Police man , met also many locals who gave me water and lots of fruits )

At one point i was pushing my bike up the hill …And 3 old man surprised me . They were sitting under the tree on the side of the road , raised glass of “Raki” and waived to join . How could i decline . So there we were . Under the tree in the shadow with a puppy running around , greek music playing and view over the city .

Huge thanks to the kind strangers – i arrived …

Dicteon cave in Psichro . ( Entrance fee – 4 Euro – Donkey ride up additional 10 Euro )

It was crowded , full of Russians and Germans . Paths was made to go down , make a circle and come up .. No additional paths . Everyone just kept moving and taking photos every 5 cm . At the end of the walk i stopped and waited .. I was waiting for people to pass in hopes of being last one in the cave , to truly experience sounds and feel of cave .

After 1 hour in the cave and few new friends .. I gave up .

I stopped at donkey man station . These man ( and woman ) have been doing it for years and years .Helping tourist visit cave in an relaxed manner ( 1 km walk up the hill can be hard work ) Highly recommend to stop at them , get a yogurt for a donkey and enjoy real Greek people .

So ….thats about it …
Just another 25 km to get back to the Stalida . ( the same as before hitch hiking combined with pedaling .)

And by the way there is a lot o see on the way to the caves from Stalida .

Safe travels !


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