Cuban cigars in Cayman islands

In quiet afternoon i felt like having a coffee . Cycling by the beach in Georgetown, it brought me to the LA CASA del HABANO . Little tavern style building with dark red umbrellas , just next to the beach.

LA CASA del HABANO is a coffee shop, restaurant , tourist attraction and most importantly cuban cigar selling place .As soon as i walked in , my attention was captured by man rolling cigars by the door .For me it was first time seeing anyone roll cigars . Crafty men was from Cuba and did not speak too much English , but Juliano (Owners son ) saved me from struggle ( trying to say anything in Spanish ) .


Turns out LA CASA del HABANO is coming from real cigar lover ( Juliano father ) . Story goes that his father used to have a restaurant , then he swithed to cigars , because he loved them so much.

So after a long chat with JUliano i found out that there are quite a few people around who enjoy cigars . Some come every day , some once a week , some have no clue about cigars and they most likely visit only once .

Pices of cigars are diffrent : Th most expensive one in the whole shop was COHIBA that was 50 Cayman dollars . = 62.50 US dollars .
The same time sme cheaper ones are starting ne at 12 Us dollars . There are many different shapes , sizes and prices in the shop . And Juliano can reccomend the best .
All cigars and tabako fo making cigars on spot come from Cuba. “Cigar paradise”

Now the the part that i was amazed with :
1 .YOU DONT HAVE TO SMELL THEM TO KNOW IF THEY ARE GOOD . ( for me it was first time i heard something like that , as all movies always show evil man smelling cigar ) To know if cigars is good you gave to touch it and feel texture .

2. YOU DONT HAVE TO INHALE CIGAR SMOKE . All cigar smokes stops in mouth and is blown out . Best to be used with brandy or similar drink .As Juliano says : Its the same as wine , you are suppose swirl it around mouth and spit it out ( But this one is a lost cause ,as how many of us actually do that )


Well that`s it …

Go buy some cigars .


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