15 questions to Maria Vamvakidi : Greek artist in Heraklion / Agia Pelagia .

I met Maria in small Greek tavern in Agia Pelagia ( 25 km from Herklion ) She always looked happy and gorgeous . And always had a new painting to point out . Each painting had its own character, color theme and even style .

I am an artist lover , and because of that would love  her work .And i decided to do interview with Maria and find out a little bit more …

How long have you been painting ,Maria ?

I have been painting since i was a child . When i used to study in school , i would always draw while in class , then teachers used to take it to teachers lounge and all together watch my art master peaces ” or they felt that way to me at the time ”
And in these drawing was nothing related to subject that i had a class in .

Did you ever study to paint ? Or did you take any special classes?

Emmm… Thinking ….
I have done Graphic design school for 3 years . In Athens .And i did some classes to discover different styles that other artists use . But i felt like it was not me , anymore , they always wanted me to be like them , but i already had my own style . And i have done also Icon school .

Did you learn anything new in these  schools ?

Not continuing graphic design .. Laughing …

But i did take a lot from everything related to it .

Do you still remember your first painting ?

Remember , ( Laughing ) I still have it ..
When in was in school .It was a school assignment .
Do you want to see ? ( she started laughing and walked away to get painting ( its not good , she added )
I was about 13 when i did it . ( I burst out in laughter when i seen it , itwas a bald head men with huge lips .it was something completely different that i have seen so far from Maria’s work )

Other people said nothing , they knew i was crazy .

When did you sell your first painting ?

When i was 18 . It was with a landscape of Greece. We had a shop with Greek souvenirs at the time , so what i painted i used to put in my parents shop and one tourist came in and bought it .

Where do you get your inspiration from ?

Well , no one really . My mind is full of ideas , but between kids and tavern i just dont have time to put them all on paper

My inspiration comes purely from my mind


What is your favorite painting of yours , and why ?


Its the one in the tavern . I made it 2 years ago . It is different from other , it have different personalities , colors . Its playful and leaves people wandering …

How long time does it take to create a painting ?


It can be 1 hour it can be 2 months . And with a family around … Even longer than that …


Maria Vamvakidi herself working on new painting

How many painting do you have ?


Now … Approximate …70 , but its just the proper ones i count , it could be more than that ..

What is the last painting you have done ?

The last is a painting placed on a wall in tavern . it took about 2 days to make , because i made one thats similar before , and this was new version so i had an idea already in my head

As an artist – what is you favorite color ?

blue .

I  hear you sell painting also and prepare special request ?

Yes .


How can i get a special request ?

Depends what a person wants . They can give me a picture , i speak with a person and see what he wants to see .And what he needs . And i try to image what they imagine , i see their house , i get to know them and then its a personalized painting just for them .One of the kind .

How much do you charge for it ?

Depents of size and what style . size 1 m by 1 m about 200 euro .Or more .


Family life :

Maria is Maried and have to kids . When i asked how she met her husband Felix ( from Switzerland ) , she joked around :

“I was fishing …”

” I met him in this area .. He was renting a bike from a family bussiness And that was it . We fell in love .We are 20 years together”

How about your family , do they paint too ?


No , they have many other hobbies . My son have started to make his own music .
Maria and Felix runs a guest house Amazona ( Agia Pelagia ) and Maria displays painting in Taverna connected to guest gouse . So anyone wanting to see Maria’s painting , your welcome to come for a drink and admire painting and meet Maria in person .
See more from Maria in website :   http://mariavamvakidi.wix.com/mariavamvakidi


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